Live Your Magic & Unlock Your Power


Are you ready to lead a charmed life? Tap into your innate, natural ability to create positive change and manifest success in every area of your life. Through an interweaving of ancient and modern spiritual techniques, you’ll discover how to transform personal challenges into beautiful opportunities for growth, expansion, and new understanding.

This day-long, experiential workshop will inspire you to embrace your spirituality and step into your power. You’ll discover the legacy of your magic, how it’s uniquely yours, and the ingredients and steps you need to craft a truly magnificent life.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Cultivate a relationship with the five elements
  • Cast spells and work with energy
  • Develop working relationships with angels, ancestors, animals, and other allies
  • Feel empowered in your everyday life
  • Interpret symbols and dreams for a deeper alignment with Spirit

You’ll also build a repertoire of effective charms and invocations for protection, serenity, love, and prosperity, while attuning your life to the frequency of your most authentic desires. Please join us for this transformational event.


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