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I’m Kristen – a former 9-5 corporate warrior – who spent day after day going to a job that did not light me up praying for retirement. In my free time I dug into spirituality and read everything I could get my hands on about the afterlife. I had always had a relationship with a higher power but I had doubts like everyone else. I have always been empathic and sensed spirits and energies but half the time I just thought I was crazy. It took countless courses, books, experiences and inner work to get me to really trust in the Divine and to realize that all this was very real. 

There is so much more to life than just what you see and experience every day. You were not put on this earth to spend 40+ hours a week going to a job you hate and living for the weekends. You were not meant to slave at that terrible job for 40 or 50 years with your only end goal getting to retirement so you can actually do the things you want and enjoy. And you were not meant to feel that all of this is all for nothing and when you die…that is the end.

There is more to this life – and the next – and since you are here, I know you are ready to dive deep and start expanding.  I know this because I once was in your exact position. I left that 9-5 that made me miserable and took a huge scary leap and embraced my love for all things spiritual, magical, and mystical and am now living a life beyond my dreams!

Now my Soul purpose is to help others deepen their connection with Spirit and live their most magical life!

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